Updated Blenderboard?


I was just looking through the oldsite and then I read this ( http://download.blender.org/documentation/oldsite/oldsite.blender3d.org/102_Blender%20news%20Blenderboard.html ) newspost about the blenderboard, too bad you can’t download it anymore. I used to have it but I threw it away a looong time ago, assuming I could always download it again.

So my question is if anyone still has an old copy of the 2d version (which I could update), it would be really usefull to me, and possibly also to newbe’s who complain about the shortcuts ;).

hmm, I think it would be easier to do new one than update that… :slight_smile:
I had it too once, I can look when I get home but I doubt it’s still around.

I’m also preparing a new hotkey sheet, kind of reference card that you could print… and I really should update the full hotkeylist too…


Hmm, wel if I can find a keyboard layout (and if someone provides me a shortcut list) I guess I could do it easily (got loads and loads of time).
But it would still be nice if someone has an old version of the 2d blenderboard, because then I can see how the old blenderboard looked, and it would be a good startingpoint for the new board (in terms of design, colour, etc.)

guess what…
I did search on this site called elYsiun…


on the bottom of that page:


I think this would be nice project to do in SVG or in blender… or … any scalable format… hmm… let’s see what that inkscape could do…



Hey, what a great site, I’ll defenitely check that one out more often :P.

Now, all we need is an updated hotkey list and we’re off.

yeah… I’ll try to get on with it…


This should be sold in the blender store ^_^, my brother would really need it… Or atleast stickers…

It wont help me much since I blender purely with keyboard and know all the shortcuts (that I used) by heart and no need to look for the keys ^_^.

Well, that’s why it would be great for beginners in blender :P.

The inkscape made keyboard is almost ready anyway, wasn’t that much work at all 8).

I just found this website, not sure if it is up to date though:

I did (most of) an illustrator keyboard in my spare time today. I’ll play hot potato and let someone else pick up where I left off.


Well, thanks, but I already did that a week ago or so :D.

I was just waiting for an updated shortcut list.

Did you take a look at the link I posted :wink:

Jup, it’s not updated though :frowning:

To bad.

So how do we get an updated list. Can I compile it for you, maybe from the current manual or from other sources. I like to help if possible.

http://www.csnmedia.nl/software_2.htm is a kind of Blender Hotkeyboard.