updated: Boom Box

(rwv01) #1

Well I’ve done some more to my ghetto blaster.
Any suggestions for a setting?


(Bapsis) #2

Lookin’ really good there!!! :wink:

As for a setting, how about on the pavement with a brick wall in the background all coverd in graffiti?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #3

HAHA! Also, don’t forget the worn out piece of cardboard for doing your back and head spins on. :wink: Man, those were the days.

Only crit on the boom box is that the chrome is a little too bright IMO. Try turning down the Emit slider some and I think it will give you a better result. Also, try playing with the HSV settings as well. That usually helps too.


(rwv01) #4

Yeah I think your right. I’ll redo it once I make the background so the environment maps are more accurate too. Thanks!

P.S. I used to love watching the talented kids breaking and popping and stuff but I always thought the cardboard sort of ruined the spontaneity of it. But I guess it was that or road rash!

Do they still allow these school or have they narked on 'm?

(shibbydude) #5

Here’s a setting… OSA! Turn it up, dude. (the OSA, not the stereo. It already looks too loud :).)

(Bapsis) #6

Absolultly!!! :wink: And maybe once the scene is set, someone can dud up Blendo in some Aididas’s and a cool windbreaker, maybe some overly large gold chains and sunnies, and let him bust a move!!! hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(rwv01) #7

The OSA’s already at 16.
More beveling maybe?

(Alltaken) #8

thats phat.

the bros in the hood will be proud.

we have some guys at school that bring their lino sheet(vinyl flooring) for breaking on at lunch.

but their boom box ain’t as phat as yours.

(shibbydude) #9

Yes,… definately more beveling. Bevel everything!!! That’s the key to realism. Great model, lighting and concept.

(Skates) #10

the best part is there’s no CD player. OLDSKOOL!! Nice man! You need to have a whole animation of someone breakdancing- I say you should take a breakdancing video, rotoscope your character’s moves over that, then put in the camera angles and environment. Sweet pic though. A bit of bevelling on the main casing would increase realism.

(rwv01) #11

Thanks. Old school! Yes! Exactly! I’m so glad noone’s asked me why there’s no CD player 'cause I’d 've been really bumed! :D.

This type would be from the early to mid '80s. As I remember the designs of items like this tended to use more rectangles than similar items today which use more elipsoids. Any way, because of all the hard edges it’s definatly gonna need more beveling.

I really am benefiting from everyone’s feed back.
Thank you.

(basse) #12

put on some public enemy!


(rwv01) #13

What would the copywrite issues be if I wanted to put the name a real artist on the tape lable?

(basse) #14

no problem, as long as you dont play that tape here in the internet.
that would be like, illegal radiostation-thing.