Updated CoEn CMS website! :)


complete redesign, and a few other changes in the features section.

old version: http://www.mycgiserver.com/~tomhebel/coen_intro/

please take a few minutes to read the content (at least partially) and tell me what you think of CoEn and the website redo.

How do I know this isn’t bogus too?


cause this is the real blendermax. and this is genuine hard work.

edit: if you’d read it, you’d be able to figure out its not bs. btw, heres the old thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12630

34 views and not a single meaningful reply? how disappointing.

54 views - and still no replies…

you know what, guys?


okay I understand little to nothing about webpages and java etc. , but I like your site. You explain things well, in as easy to understand language as possible. I like the layout, it’s clean, simple and easy to navigate. All things I love when I visit websites.

Only suggestion, unless there is a specific reason for the red theme, you might want to change it. Depending on culture values for colors, red can be seen as very aggressive or dangerous. I suggest Blue, it is seen as competent and responsible. Or if you really want red, maybe choose a darker shade of red, more of a burgandy or wine color.

thanks for the reply dreamsgate! :smiley:

i am glad that the way i explained stuff actually made sense…i was trying to make it comprehendable for “beginnners” and it worked!

however, much of the features page is going to be changed… %|
the whole system has been restructured…and i still have a few problems with making the main components standalone…blablabla…

about the “red” theme…its cause i love the color…if my server werent down - i could show you my personal website, which is red too…and gray… :stuck_out_tongue:

im not changing the color though - i like it just the way it is… :slight_smile:

well as long as there is a reason for the red, stick with it. I was just pointing out that color influences readers. Good Luck.

thanks! :smiley: - ill need it…