-UPDATED- Entry for WC: Mining Robots


Well, I’m slowly getting the hang of this program I guess. Despite being a pilot & knowing full well that 2300Z is 6pm, NOT 7pm my time (thanks for letting that slide twice now…) I completed another WC entry. The first post was a bit dark, since I’m on a Mac laptop with a nice, bright screen. This one is lightened a bit in Photoshop.

Here she is:

Larger Version

Some thoughts for commentary:

  • How’s the dust look? Particle system, obviously. Just curious if there’s a better way to get this effect.
  • Motion blur: there are 20 frames of movement leading up to this frame, yet with MBLUR turned on I get no blur at all no matter what the “factor” is. Any ideas why?
  • Is there a better way to append a model than doing an “AKEY” select all on a HUGE list of parts? Can you import a full scene then move models from scene to scene?

Thanks for any critiques!


I can barely see it. It’s kind of dark.

Good model… But drak :-?

Nice pic, but i have no idea what those other guyz are saying about it being too dark, i dont find it dark at all and can see each and every detail clearly. I think some people out there might need to adjust their monitor brightness because i certainly dont have a problem with it.

I’ve been told too, when the sceen is specifically supposed to be dark, that its too dark. There are alot of live action movies where things are very dark, but as soon as its CG it has to be all bright and overly light. Imagine trying to make the movie “Pitch Black” in CG, most of that movie was all in the dark. And imagine most horror movies, imagine if EVERY sceen was super well lit, it definatly wouldn’t have the same effect.



Blend on, and blend well!!!

I think they must be talking about the smaller image isnside the post. It is dark because of low res. Click for the link for the larger version.

I think it looks great! Just one thing. The pikes on the tires, are they supposed just be sitting on the ground? I think it would look better if they were digging into it. That is a lot of weight to support, and they are supposed to be cleats, aways. Right?

Yes, you’re right. The picture from the link is visible. Good work. External hydraulics detail (hoses and cylinders) would give it that extra impact.

I think you did an amazing job with the texturing in this model. Keep up the good work!

I agree with the above about the spikes. They kinda make the vehicle look like it’s travelling above the ground rather than on it.

And just a question, the inners of the wheel are a really odd shape. I’m imagining that is deliberate, but I’m just curious why you chose a shape that appears to be assymetrical…or I might be blind of course. Don’t know why it bugs me - maybe it’s because I’m a Libran and we always tend to aesthetic pussies. :o

Well, the perspective probably needs some help conveying this, but if you look at the 'bot in the background you’ll see its spikes are very much embedded in the ground. The one in the foreground is actually being lifted off the ground so its front tires aren’t making contact. Something for later work with lighting. :slight_smile:

Heh. An artifact of how I built them using spin dup… the joints between “segments” are flush with each other, whereas every other point where the “spokes” of the wheel touch the rim have a slight angle to them. Didn’t notice it until late in the construction and by then I didn’t want to bother fixing it. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the comments, and to whoever voted for it in the WC, thankee! :slight_smile: