Updated Feature proposal


i updated my feature proposal with a lot of stuff:

Advanced Wireframe Rendering

GLSL Shaders

Uniform GUI and workflow for Oops and Outliner

and updated most of the old docs too :slight_smile:

Hi Bart,

I read your feature proposals. I like all of your suggestions. The one I am most partial to is the Cartoon and Sketch Render feature. It would be absolutely fantastic if Blender had those features. Any chance of anyone working on that?

Keeping wishing and proposing…



how bout some chamfer action in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Proposals about Mesh tools coming soon :slight_smile:

And again some new stuff:

Automatic Snapping


Updated the “Compression option for files” chapter:

Names and Limits for every light:

A light panel (like camera has)


Those are great. I’m a young student that uses Blender as a hobby. I really enjoy seeing Blender Evolve. I totally agree with your suggestions. They would make Blender a easier tool, in my opinion. I’m not complaining though. It’s free afterall.

I agree, but most of all we should improve our game engine not just so it competes with others on market but so that it defeats them…

backface culling for wirerendering is in deed quite good,

that is what i could like as well otherwise i think the current system is ok.
well the wirerender option might be introduced as a render node like a shader.


here is something somewhat related. what do guys think?

I like your proposals Bart :smiley: Keep it up

Snap to Vertice would be nice too!

Jep, i know the work of Matt Ebb and hoping it hiting Blender soon.

Of course snap to Vertex, Edge etc. would be cool. so it might better have a general “3D Snapping” that snapps on everythging.

So i rethink about it:


  • “Snap on Grid” let the object snapping during transformation and work in Front, Side and Top views
  • “Snap on Object” let objects snapping on other objects on their Bounds, center and pivot point
  • “Snap on Mesh” let objects snap to others on their vertices, edges, faces depending on the edit mode

Oddly I’ve been working on a sort of advanced wireframe renderer for Videoscape files recently (in J2ME of all things), and that includes the wire features here and a whole lot more (realtime on cellphones), but all in nasty fixed point maths . . . yuk.

When you get really into wireframe work you realise there’s an awful lot of possibilities with it that no one uses, especially when it comes to animation.

I agree that blender should have wireframes with variable thickness. They could also be used to look like wires in a suspension bridge, or in any case where you need to imitate a cylinder from far away.