*UPDATED* Female Character WIP

This is my first decent human model.
But does anyone have a hi-res (1600x1600 or higher) uv map that i can use for the skin? (she friggin looks like plastic.) Or a skin material that i could use?

I do still have some adjustments to make on the hair.

Got to go to bed now, but here’s a quick reply
Not bad JoeSchmoe, though you could improve the following to start:

  • define the nostrills better
  • model the collar bones
  • make the lips a little thicker and better shape

I like the clothing style.

If using my uv colormap, it’s maybe better to try and create you own but pick the colors from the uvmap for better results that suit your model. I don’t mind if you use the one posted. Keep it up it’ll become really nice.

Also I might add that, if you cant tell already, the hair is a mesh with alpha and normal mapped textures, not particles. The texture just saves memory and is a little easier to control.
and wim, i did find a higher res tex for the skin from renderosity.com (1200 x 1200) that also has maps for the bumps/wrinkles on the hands but thanks anyway for your concern :slight_smile:

Wim: modeling the collarbones

I’m not sure where I should cut to get these right based on the edges I have laid out on the upper chest/ lower neck, here are some pics, please post a reply if you can tell me where to cut


keep the c/c coming!

There’s a notch between the clavicles and usually some indication of the muscles/tendons that run between the medial ends of the clavicles and the skull just behind the ear.

Hope these help.

(Great sig line, btw)


  • thicker lips
  • clavicles
  • hair adjusted so it’s not poking into the skin
  • neck muscles/tendons
  • nostrils more defined
  • lips textured
  • remodeled eye lashes (haven’t textured them yet though)I am aware that the cheek bones are very prominant and protruded, yes, but I want to keep it that way, it sort of keeps the innocent look that i like. And I cleared the pose because of all the extrusions and cuts that i had to make, and I’ll probably just re-weight the whole thing once I am satisfied with the model.

Also, is there a way to do a vertex group selection in UV select mode? It gets to be kind of a pain while texturing.

here are the pictures

Huzzah! (she’s beautiful :smiley: )
this is the first raytraced render of her… I used AO, and the distances were ok and all the materials were traceable, but the ao shadows didn’t seem to show up…

and I can’t seem to get the hair to shade like hair. when i use tangent shading the tangents are perpendicular to the strands, instead of parallel, and if i try flipping the x and y components of the texture that makes the hair’s texture go 90 degrees to what it should…:confused:

13 min, 34.31 sec, OSA 16, ray, AO, all materials are full OSA.