Updated First Attempt

I’m still a floundering noobie but getting there. Modeling this pencil kicked my @@@ for a few days. This is an update to my first attempt from the other day. Take a look and let me know what you think. I know it won’t make sense to any of you because it’s an inside joke in my family. :slight_smile:


Well done so far!

I think your glace is too reflexive and not enough transparent.

With a glace update, it will better! ; )

Waiting next step.

You are absolutely correct. I think I got so wrapped up in the fact that I was actually starting to understand what I was doing that I overlooked something relatively obvious. Thanks…

There appears to be too much reflection on the metal part of the pencil also, and you might want to consider toning down that specular highlight on the eraser. I like the overall look of this.

You can set up separate lights that only affect specularity (by turning diffuse off) and get more control over the highlights from the metal and glass bits.

Try playing with the composition a little. I would rotate the paper just slightly so it isn’t exactly parallel with the camera (bring the left side down so it “faces into” the pic). Plus, I’d be tempted to have the end of the pencil on top of the paper - or even crossing the corner - which begins to connect things.

As it is, it seems to lack a focal point and is just a collection of items. Very nicely made items, but just items. It’s like you tried to push everything away from the middle.