Updated Flight Sim

(saluk) #1

Come check out Bogey’s updated flight sim, V1B! You can download it from my Blender Games Archive:


(Bogey) #2

Thanks for posting it so quick saluk, but Ive found a couple of
bugs in the game after sending it you. These are now fixed and
I will send you it asap. If anyone wants to try the new V1b can
you hang on for a few more hours please. Sorry to mess you
about saluk.

Cheers Bogey

(Bogey) #3

Hi all, I,ve sent saluk the fixed game with a thumb nail so I guess if you
see the thumb the game should be ok. Until then, if anyone wants to try
it I’ve put it on



Unfortunatly you have to regester to down load even free stuff but its no hassel. They dont bug you and theres tons of good stuff there.

I think you will like the inprovements, (too many to list) that another year blending brings. Have fun and let me know what you think of it.

Cheers Bogey

(iconjunky) #4

Lovely work bogey, the models looked lovely and it runs lovely for me, i gonna go have a proper look at it now man! :slight_smile: