Updated Flying Base Building Example / Game

(Deadman1980) #1

I had put together a example flying base building game, if anyone wants to mess around with it here it is. it is nothing special. more of a proof of concept i wanted to see flying bases. have fun and post your games so i can play them


(Lostscience) #2

the framerate on your videogame is so low it is unplayable on my computer.


(Deadman1980) #5

Blue_Tears_Of_Life_ver0.002.blend (3.0 MB)
Updated following
player movement
ship movement
enemy Ai
enemy spawn rate
added a dome / sky

Game Controls

Player controls
w = forward
s = backward
a = rotateleft
d = rotateright
z = strafe left
c = strafe right
e = jump
space = shoot
mouse = look

Esc = menu
click save game than click resume or quit
click load game than click resume

note do not be in flying mode when saving or loading

stand by red cube to heal

Foundation build system

right click on objects to collect

u = toggles material count

i = inventory left click on image
to make foundation type
ship foundation is only one atm
that is at the bottom right

3 = toggles foundation selector

2 + mouse wheel up or down = foundation type

left click to place foundation

Wall build system

collect materials

i = inventory left click on image to make wall type

stand on your foundation

press b to toggle wall selector

hold q and then mouse wheel up or wheel mouse down
to select wall type

wall x rotation = hold t than mouse wheel up or down
wall z rotation = hold r than mouse wheel up or down
clear wall rotation = left alt

Ship controls

left click to place Ship control panel it is the only pillar
looking object

Fly mode

place the control panel
big square button destroys the control panel
so you can move it

f = toggles fly mode
w = forward
s = backward
a = strife right
d = strife left
z = rotate left
c = rotate right
right alt = clear rotation

next update
new crappy monsters
new crappy train
new crappy loot

press buttons on control panel to fire weapons

i made this for my kid to play with if you
you use the please give me a shout out
blender newbie
post some screenshots or leave comments