Updated FPS template


I fixed a bit the FPS template, and changed the weapon system by modified Captain Oblivion’s, and added a nice splash screen at the start (you’ll see :D). Now it uses applyImpulse() instead of adding a box at the crosshair’s position. I remade the walk script. Now you can reload without having the ammo to be 0.
The file’s compressed and edited in Blender v2.46


FPS_Template_b3d00.blend (734 KB)

Nobody liked it! :frowning:

Very funny :smiley:
but seriously…
Did you do this FPS template too?

Yes, I did.
The blenderplayer’s released in the build!
EDIT EDIT: Nah. I think Rick Roll is worst. Dunno. It’s hard to think of something worst than that. (It’s gay too, but has no rythm…)
But the start’s worst. I’m sure of that.
There’s something worst, but is too much “obscene content for this forum.”

[quote=Mmph!;1149380]Very funny :smiley:
but seriously…
Did you do this FPS template too?
…Now remind me again why I clicked that!!!..Very innovative use of the linking tool:D


yea, this is just a prank thread, I will report it to the moderators, it really dose not belong here.

Mmm, it’s both things. I really updated the FPS template. Just press any key to contribute I mean continue.
Whatever’ I’ll post it on Social’s Thread. But without the nice splash screen?

[quote=Mmph!;1149380]Very funny :smiley:
but seriously…
Did you do this FPS template too

how come when I copy that and paste it into a new window it says Safari can’t open the page. lol
yeah my 100 post

Nice. And this is my 600th post. And it’s edited.
Really, that’s an updated FPS template, what do you think?

Ah, I’m old and tired! Locked!