Updated Frankie, The chinchilla, The bird & The butterfly of Big buck bunny for the 2.93 ver

Hi guys,

I spent some time workin to bring back the characters from Big Buck Bunny and yo frankie that haven’t gotten updated to work with the latest versions of Blender.

These characters now work with blender 2.83+ & Blender 2.93+. The most notable changes are, the materials, which got updated to work with cycles and eevee and some new tools bar buttons and sliders, which have been added to help animators to be more efficient working wih these rigs. Besides tha, most of the rest of controls of the rigs remain like they did when the open movie was realeased, so many tutorials of the time can still be used with the newer versions. The characters are kept totally FREE to download and use, besides giving the proper credits to the creators, of course.

Well, with out further a do, here are the links where you can download the characters:


Gumroad: https://salvagluque.gumroad.com/l/ODoKv
Cubrebrush: http://cbr.sh/r176g8

Gamera the chinchilla

Gumroad: https://salvagluque.gumroad.com/l/weamd
Cubrebrush: http://cbr.sh/mlxmim

The bird

Gumroad: https://salvagluque.gumroad.com/l/Vssoi
Cubrebrush: http://cbr.sh/3v8emt


Gumroad: https://salvagluque.gumroad.com/l/MnHuk
Cubrebrush: http://cbr.sh/csekox

Enjoy them guys!
-Salvador García Luque (SalvaGLuque)


Thank you. Very kind of you to share. :+1:

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Thank 3dioot. Hope you like the updates. :+1: