Updated Free Texture Site

I’ve created an updated of my old free texture site (www.freetexturesite.com)

The old site is still up, and I’m in the process of adding content to the new site:


I have switched to a blog format, which is odd, I know, but allows me to add textures much more quickly. I also don’t have to worry about storage or bandwidth (everything is stored on Picassa albums) The first 1 gb of storage is free. An additional 8gb of storage is $5 per year. Can’t beat that. No bandwidth problems either.

Use the category links to the right to find what you need. There are some old textures, and lots of new. Some tileable, some almost straight out of the camera.

I’ve uploaded maybe 150 textures and photos so far. Lots more everyday, as it’s easy and really fast.

There are a whole lot of sites linking to my old site, which still works. I’ll keep the two operating until everything is available on the new site, and then just forward the old to the new. Ok, enjoy, and let me know what you think. I’m trying to balance ease of adding textures with ease of use.

And yes, plenty of adds. Besides altruism, ad revenue is my motivation to keep adding textures…:evilgrin: So, adblocker users, consider turning it off for my site. I’m providing plenty of free textures, so maybe consider showing some love…

Great more textures! :smiley: and I’m liking the theme you have going there.

Does adblock really cut your pay from ads?

No, it just keeps them from appearing on the screen. It can be a good thing - some sites use pop ups, and nasty, invasive ads. Mine just has some Google ads and a few amazon ads for Blender books. Nothing bad, I promise. Thanks for having a look and the feedback.:smiley: