Updated Game: The Shooting Gallery

This was going to be released closer to Halloween, but I feel the need to move onto other projects now. It could probably use some more polish and detailing, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully all the bugs should be ironed out now! C&C would be most welcome for when I come around to working on this game again… perhaps a christmas version :smiley:


  • Bullet physics now used.
  • Full compatability with version 2.42a of Blender.
  • An all new Halloween version of the game!
  • New and improved menu systems.
  • High scores are now saved.
  • Controls can now be reconfigured and saved.


http://www.blending-online.co.uk/ShootingGallery_v242_Standalone.7z - Windows Runtime

http://www.blending-online.co.uk/ShootingGallery_v242_Blend.zip - .Blend File

Extract all the files into a folder before running the game.

Couple of Screenshots:



Wow, a high score of 1000 sure seems like a lot, I usually only get little more than 500. Nice job with the Halloween theme, I remember downloading the original version a while ago. A little more power in the gun might be usefull so you don’t have to plan so much of an arc, but then again, the arc of the bullet gives the game more of a challange.

Thanks for the feedback MagicMan!

Maybe it’s because I’ve done a lot of testing but 1000 seemed quite obtainable in the Halloween version (my best was 1750). This is one of the things feedback from others will be useful so I can set a value which is challenging but also obtainable by the majority. What kind of scores did the rest of you manage?

I have put some thought into the gun and projectile speed, and you’re right. Making the shots faster would make the game easier. Having to plan the arc in advance adds a little more skill into playing then just pointing at an object and squeezing the trigger.

Arrrg… MouseLook doesn’t work on Mac :frowning:

The graphics and menus are awesome :smiley: Top notch! Keep up the good work!

this games pretty friggen addictive.

i got like 585 on the first one :frowning:

and 985 on the second.

God i suck.

Fun game though!

First level: 830
Second level: 1070


Fun game!

I got like 860 on the halloween :smiley:

bwarrghh!! 950 for the first try on halloween…sigh…so close.

great revamp! only crit I have is add some simple sounds…outside of that, its a great game! highly addictive, hell, one of the most addicting blender games I know of…

those yellow pumpkins perhaps should be worth more points too…I think they’re harder to pick off then the fast 50 point ones.