Updated graphics drivers fixes Hotkey problems

Hi, just wanted to report that Blender 4.2a crashed my computer ( XP Pro ) and when I re-booted an error message stating that the error occurred when attempting to draw. ( see screen shot below ).

At SiS.com I found an updated SiS661FX driver, downloaded it, and installed it. That fixed some hotkey problems I had. Previously I posted that “b” ( box select ) would not word and later I found that alt “b” ( clip view ) also would not work. I could not draw a box and nothing was selected or clipped although when I did a menu selection for clip view and found I could clip ( but no box was drawn ). All now works as documented. The update may have helped with other non-functioning Blender hotkeys on my computer, but I’ll never know because I’ve only used a small subset of them … so far.