Updated: Interface Theme Presets!

With recent changes to Blender api, now we can save themes in .xml format.
If you get a most recent build you will see in User Preferences > Themes >
In the left top corner the new Presets Menu :slight_smile:
A new folder has been created here: 2.62\scripts\presets\interface_theme
or in test builds from graphicall or blender buildbot 2.62\scripts\addons_contrib\presets\interface_theme
from there you can load presets & save new themes.

2.62 Release Themes:
Blender 2.4x, by unhurdof, meta-androcto, ideasman42
hexagon, by unhurdof, meta-androcto
ubuntu by Ikeahloe
back in black by meta-androcto
elsyiun by unhurdof, meta-androcto

2.62 Contrib Themes:
2.62 default by meta-androcto
pinkified by venomgfx!
softblend by aermartin!
softdefault by aermartin!
maya by demohero!
zbrush by unhurdof
3dsmax by unhurdof, meta-androcto

thanks for your contributions, please let me know of any bugs, issues & most importantly, new quality themes. :slight_smile:
color your blender :slight_smile:

hmm. i see none of martin lindelof’s… :confused:


Well pablo’s are on there I think a lot of people love his pinky themes, so if I had to pick i would say his theme…

On another note, would it not help to have people submit their own themes, and then we have more to pick from then choose the best from barts list + new subs. Because a lot of those themes are 2.5 specific and there are more themeable parts in 2.61.

yeah, the soft theme is really nice

good idea :slight_smile:

feel free to submit themes with links.
updating to 2.61 is important so submitting new themes & updated ones is fine.

Well here is my attempt at a theme originally done using Barts Theme Manager, but I converted it to the xml native version.


Also attached a screenshot of what it looks like. I am sure if probably need some tweaks as I was unable to determine what parts of the interface some theme color influence. But it’s dark, very very very dark! :slight_smile:

PS: Also noticed that you need a very update version of Blender from SVN when using xml theme export because sligtly older versions will export fine, but when you try to import the theme you can get python errors. So it needs to be a very very up to date version of Blender i was using SVN rev 43159 from trunk.



AIBlender, cool, I really like very dark themes :slight_smile:

I think it will be good to set up a repository for theme’s on the Blenderwiki.

5 Themes or styles I think would be acceptable to blender devs:
Light/Soft theme
Blender 2.4x
Blender Wiki
Dark theme

these themes will be in blender for a long time, so choosing the right ones as “standards” is important.

Sounds awesome to me. I personally think there should be a repo for officially sanctioned/checked themes and another section for everyone elses theme, organised like you mention meta.

Though Mindrones, Jester, You and Ideas probably have better grasp of it all.

+1 martin lindelof well done theme :yes:

Maya and Modo themes are the one i like,
however i use the default blender theme, since for some reason if i use theme manager after about 1/2 hour of modeling
the viewport gets really unstable, and it zooms to random spots, when i move the mouse…
when i press “view all” it will view everything but if i touch the mouse the view will
jump randomly and will lose track of whatever was in the scene.
(this only happens if i have theme manager enabled, and a theme selected) not sure what it is…

holyenigma74, the theme manager addon will be replaced with the new system very shortly.

My favorites are maya2011, adobe, max9, zbrush, zen25b.

The ambiance theme I put together is about the same in quality as the other dark themes (no better/worse), but i think it might be cool to include it (albeit revised/polished) because ubuntu users will have a theme waiting that automatically looks native.

i already made another post, and i know the thread starter already saw it, but here’s the theme and screenshots of it in ubuntu for people who didn’t see it.


(of course if it doesn’t get included who cares. it’s not really my theme i’m just copying the branding palette of ubuntu, and also i’ll keep updating it with ubuntu releases and it will always be available here on the forum (and in the repo if a permanent one emerges). in fact, I think integration from within the program to an online repo is a better idea than a default theme pack. KDE apps do this often and it’s awesome. I realize it would take time to develop though if it were to ever happen. done talking now :/)


[QUOTE=ikeahloe;2021332]The ambiance theme I put together is about the same in quality as the other dark themes (no better/worse), but i think it might be cool to include it (albeit revised/polished) because ubuntu users will have a theme waiting that automatically looks native.{/QUOTE]

nice… I agree it fits well with the Ubuntu desktop, but still nice for all. Good dark theme with contrast where necessary.

Hm…just catching up here…

@ Meta-Androcto : Thanks for converting and considering my themes. :slight_smile:
@ fahr : Glad you found the themes usable. :slight_smile:
@ ikeahloe : Sweet Ubuntu theme. :slight_smile:

Not sure exactly sure what I can do to help, but I would be glad to offer some assistance if possible. :slight_smile:

The dark “Zen Blender Wiki” in particular looks nice, and “Zen ZBrush” is a good alternative dark theme.

Ubuntu themes would be cool like the one above, but it would be nice to have one that matches Radiance as well as Ambiance.

My Favorite is Blender-Wiki

removing links, will update first post soon

The theme presets system doesn’t seem to work here (blender rev. 43317)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/blender/2.61/scripts/startup/bl_operators/presets.py”, line 195, in execute
File “/usr/local/blender/2.61/scripts/modules/rna_xml.py”, line 336, in xml_file_run
bpy_xml = xml_nodes.getElementsByTagName(“bpy”)[0]
IndexError: list index out of range

yes, fixing now, will be 1 hour & I will post here.

@iKLsR @kakachiex2 Thanks you! :slight_smile:

I have two themes that could fit, Softblend which I use and continuously keep on designing.
and the dark theme Unityblend which I’ve kinda put aside and need a designer for, or I’ll take it up later.

Links are in my signature here.