(Alltaken) #1

got your attention

this is a work in progress of a ship i’m designing for a movie.

the first one has been rendered using the edge settings so as to define the polygons.

the entire model has been made out of polygons rather than textures so as to work well in close up situations.

currently i’m working on the bridge of the model and will then move onto the engines.

hopefully done by tonight.

started yesturday

here goes all critisim is welcome and much appreciated. i’ll post some more when i’ve done the engines.

the insides of the hanger are not mine so ignore them(not that i have any pictures showing it now)


i havn’t spent much time on the ship recently because i was spending most of it designing the graphics for my web page

in the final the “doug” is an animated gif which rotates when mouse overed
and also all of the buttons have mouse over animations.
finished writing the code for the home page just need to do the rest of them

oh yeah and it for my portfolio to get into design school hence why its all about the stuff that ive done recently.

the buttons along the top are only there when you have clicked on the portfolio button on the left hand side. kinda sub menus

tell me what you think

(Bapsis) #2

Wow, very nice modeling with a high attention to detail, good work there!!! :wink:
Is it a fully CG movie your working on? Are you going to try to texture it to look realistic, or are you going for fully styleistic?
Good work!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #3

Nice start :slight_smile:

Don’t render with edge settings, they do not really outline polygons, but objects, and the effect is not that nice.

You can make a screenshot of potato mode if you want.

Model looks nice, but view angle is bad and it is uneasy to appreciate all you did.

Lightning needs working.

Looks like there is a single lamp out there… no shadows, etc…

Keep it up, want to see more!


(Alltaken) #4

look at the top one its the new updated one

(S68) #5

They are so cool…

they are so Star Wars-like :stuck_out_tongue:


(Alltaken) #6

thanks for the coment, because star wars is what i was wanting to make it look like. (without being the same)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

its actualy got a rather low poly count in the end of 18,260.
i had been expecting it to be far greater but hey i’m not complaining

any advice or ideas are always welcome as i’m pretty new to 3d / blender


(sten) #7

awsome details…looking forward to the movie 8)