updated mech.spider with lightflow

(rixtr66) #1

after seeing mrmunkilys render i had to try a mech spider,it still needs hoses and other details,it also only has 6 legs,but it looks cool,
it only took 7 min at 800x600,using the world light settings,the ref in the chrome is from a spheremap made with an ibl utility.
i added some rocks new materials,and tweaked the lighting.
im stll working on grond materials,and hoses.


(dickie) #2

i really like the legs and the way it all fits together.
i can see jaws and a tiny head protruding from
the central sphere, a la method that you employed for the

how user friendly is lightflow?
i’ve never used it…


(eeshlo) #3

Great looking spider rixtr!

Lightflow and userfriendliness are two completely different things…

(PILER) #4

dickie… lightflow is IMPOSSIBLY easy =) i stress impossibly

(blengine) #5

piler, lol, i think u sent mixed single! ack! just like a woman too…
i think your saying its easy…but then u said “stress impossibly”…now that makes me think, whoa! he thinks its hard! hehehe

rixtr! i love it! yes, those legs are wonderful indeed =D

(mrmunkily) #6

nice one! up the diffuse radiosity sampling though… also icrtease the trace depth and activate caustics for those eys so we can have a gander at them glistening. nice!

(S68) #7

Love the joints!

Me too feels the urge to model a mecha spider…


(dickie) #8

dude i love your stuff!

he’s pretty cute.
i just wanna pick him up and play with him…

(schock) #9

That is ausome. Do you use the matspiderLF for making your materials?

(scrappy) #10

really nice, i was waiting for it to bite me :wink: , i might just have to try the mech spider thing, actually im gonna make a mech scorpion, because i am a scorpio, hey if you want, when i finish the scorpion ill send you the model and you can make a spider Vs. scorpion scene!!! or even an animation!!!

(ZoltarX) #11

VERY Cool!