Updated Mirror

(Pablosbrain) #1

I’ve updated my mirror at http://www.pablosbrain.com/blender3d/ with downloads for 2.23, 2.11 (last BeOS Ver), 2.04 (iPaq), RenderDaemon, Demo Files and Documentation/Manuals.

Also, if anyone has the blender web plugin I would like to put up an installation page for it.

(Sprite) #2

I don’t know if these have plug-ins specifically, but here is yet another Blender mirror:


Is somebody keeping track of all the mirrors and resource links flying around? :slight_smile:

(Pablosbrain) #3

Good idea… I’ll start a blender mirrors page at my site.

(A2597) #4

is FreeBSD the same as MAC?
Or what is the mac filename?
Trying to locate it, but I may well already have it! :slight_smile:

(Pablosbrain) #5

The only versions available that will work on the mac are the linux powerpc ones and the latest osX version. I dont’ think the osX one was very stable, but I never tested it myself. You can get the osX version at my site http://www.pablosbrain.com/blender3d

(Sprite) #6

The Apple folks took FreeBSD, added/changed it, and named it Darwin. This is the core of the operating system.

The pretty interface is called Aqua.

Even though Darwin is almost the same as Unix, a version of Blender for Unix probably doesn’t work since it has to be specifically compiled for that platform.