Updated My Website

(BgDM) #1

Well, since S68 said my website needed an update, here it is:


Not much changed. Just updated the gallery and got rid of my stupid blurb at the start of the site, (that Stefano so nicely pointed out :wink: ).

Thanks for stopping by, if you do.


(pofo) #2

Nice :slight_smile:
Simple, understandable and no flash, just the way I like websites.

I’m updating my site too. Well, completely remaking my site is closer to the truth. I’ll put up the new one tomorrow. (Last chance to see my old one ppl, it’s not something I can recommend though ;))

  1. pofo

(acasto) #3

Looks good.

I hope peope notice things moving a little faster 8)

I was able to increase the speed of everyone’s sites about 10 fold, and achieve much better bandwidth utilization. From like 5-6K up to 40-70K on a standard site call. Ahhhh… I’m obsessed… must go faster :o Not really, but I do hope to be able to have absolute control here soon over the bandwidth and I/O, so that we can squezze every last bit out of the link… :smiley:

(BgDM) #4

Hey acasto. Yeah, I did notice that. A big thanks again for letting us have the space. It is very much appreciated.