UPDATED: One Froggy Evening. Corrections & Making Of

Hi, folks… =D

This is my graduation project, a short film for the Graphic Design course.

It´s a remake in homage to Chuck Jones and his classic One Froggy Evening (Warner Bros., 1955). Actually, we made the first scene of the cartoon.

I did all 3D stuff, including textures (my girlfriend helped me on these). The background is 2D, and was made by my group mate.

I´d love to get some critics on this. Now the links point to the newest and final version (we made some corrections based on your very good responses) and we’ve put together a Making-Of, inspired by the amazing fellas at Gobelins:

The short:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgpi6QtTwXQ (Watch online on YouTube)
http://www.dilid.com/OneFroggyEvening_low.avi (DivX, plays flawlessly in VLC)

The Making-of:

Some screenshots. The first is from the original cartoon, the rest from our work:



Thats awesome. Nice animations. Maybe some work on making the shading more softer and the models a tad smoother. Very impressive. 4 stars from me.

WOW! I can’t believe you went to that extreme on doing the full 2D to 3D conversion. Very well done and you pulled it off very well too. I love the old WB cartoons.

The lip sync is way off on the frog though during the singing portion. And I would agree about the shader work too.

Overall, fantastic job.


WOW! I can’t believe that you went to the extreme of converting the 2D to 3D. Very well done and you pulled it off. I love the old WB cartoons.

The lip sync on the frog was way off and even non-existent in some spots during the song though. I also agree about the shader work though.

Overall, very well done.


What a good job so far!

The frog is so alive : D

4 stars for me too and waiting for the next step!

Great animation man. I wanted the watch the whole cartoon. Hehe. More More more… . .

Great stuff. I’ve seen the original, but it’s been so long time ago, I hardly rememeber anything else from it that that song and dance.

But great stuff, very cartoon like, and stylishy very much like the original.

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for your comments! =D

I really intend to improve the motion (lipsync included) and shading. Because of the deadline to deliver it to my professor I had to rush things a bit, but now I’ll have time to improve some things. Maybe in a near future I can finish the whole short, who knows? :smiley:

I’ve included a link to watch the short on YouTube.

Again, thanks a lot!

Dude i have a question. I’ve been using blender for over a year for basic Modeling but never got into Animations. How do u add a keyframe so you can move your model? Cause i tried every keyframe type and everytime i move my model it messes up. Help would be grand.

BTW 5*s

That’s really nicely done! I love the way the man moves; it’s very smooth and realistic!


Great work…thanks for the entertaining salute to the original

That is really cool, man. nice job.

Hi, Gangstagaret. =D

Well… I´ve used armatures and shape keys for the animation of the Characters. Since I would write a pretty long text here to explain that, I found best redirect you to a place where this process is very well written and informative:BSoD>Introduction to Character Animation. There you can find a very good overview from the modeling stage to the animation. I´m pretty sure it will help you. =D

Cuby, deltawing and Modron: thanks a lot, guys… =D



Great stuff man! I remember the original, acctualy the song took me back. Loved that cartoon and it’s a great idea to remake it.
Crits on the lipsync

Great stuff !

My only crit is that the frog looks too “3d” … unless that was the intention.

Does the frog have a toon shader on it ?


Man, this r00x! Congratulations!

great stuff! i love it!


Thanks dude i’ll give it a try. And BTW niiiiice animation :wink:

kkrawal, spacestrudel, Mike_S, lubrio, basse and Gangstagaret: thanks a lot!!

I’ll post an update soon. I’m tweaking the lights and correcting some movements, like the lipsync.

Mike_S, the intention was the 3D feel to it. Since the original film is a masterpiece, I wouldn’t dare to reproduce the 2D feel. I wanted it to sound more like a homage then a refactoring, because Chuck Jones is my hero! =D

basse: well, this is a lot off-topic, but as far as I never had an opportunity to do it before: thanks for Elephants Dream! =D