Updated Reel Nov 07

(better - 35mb)

(youtube link, obviously…)

New stuff for the most part, I plan to hand it out to a load of companies I havent approached before so it won’t matter that a little bit of stuff has been in before. All rendered in either Blender or Yafray, Most of the models have WIP or focussed critique threads if people want to have a look at the development, just search my user name/look at the profile.

About 35mb, quicktime or VLC. Havent checked other players yet. PAL dvd resolution.

Haven’t had any luck yet with a 3D job, but like I said, about to cast the net much wider location wise. Been doing a bit of web work to pass the time and top up the wallet recently, so can’t complain. :slight_smile: Also havent posted any of the .blend files, but might put a couple up later.

Enjoy, and thanks again all who helped, particularly the Focussed Critique mob!

Wow. Really impressive modeling skills you’ve got there. I’m sure there is a job for you out there somewhere. :slight_smile:

Looks very impressive. Some suggestions but be aware that I’m just an amature.
Move the alien guy more to the front (IMHO it should be up front) since I think it is one of the best in your reel. Add wireshots to most of your models to show your modelling skills like you did on the mouse.
Add your contact information to the front as well and add your phone adress etc… this is the most important information of them all.