Updated Render Window Feature Request | Time to Vote!

Hello everyone

Following the very productive discussion on the first video, here is the updated feature request, with 5 new features suggested by the community:

It is now time to go vote on right-click select:

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the discussion and contributed to bringing this final version together. It was very interesting and constructive, appreciate it very much!

We can still build upon this proposition. I will gladly update it on right-click select. I have already added the paste from clipboard as suggested.

Your feedback is very welcome!


Ok, I saw the full video and I like what you propose. I prefer to check renders by using the keyboard numbers to switch slots, a better way to spot differences imo. But anyway, many people like or are used to swipes, and also having two different images side-by-side can be useful, so I approve pretty much everything.
A few points:

  • I’d place a regular color wheel for the background in the sidebar, view category (to better understand, the same way we have an option for coloring nodes). That UI looks clumsy imo, we only have something similar as an exception in the outliner for coloring Collections. (and probably also there it could be done better)
  • You propose copy to clipboard, cool. Make the step further and ask for paste from clipboard!
  • having border/region render to overlay onto a previous render is cool, but potentially dangerous in case you didn’t mean to do it. Say you forgot to change slot, you’re going to ruin a full render! I think a better way can be found. Maybe an operator in the menu that says “Send to Render Slot” and then you choose the slot you want to overlay your image onto.

I realize I’m late to the party, since i didn’t partecipate to the round of suggestions, sorry for that.
Anyway, my compliments for the “marketing” of this proposal. Rarely I saw such ado for a request.
As it is now (very well presented with all the “why” and “how” discussed) I’d post this also on devtalk forum, where it has more chanches to be discussed from devs as well.


Sure it would also makes sense, in the sidebar would also work for me.

That makes complete sense! I will add it to the proposition on right-click select, thank you!

I can see this being very useful to jump back and forth between Blender and an image editor for concepting. Copy the render to the image editor, make changes, paste it back into Blender as a reference image, and so on. Would you use this for other purposes?

Sure, but with the current system, the rest of the render simply disappears, so it is just as ruined isn’t it? So overlaying it on top does not make it more risky as it is now, but defintively more useful imo. Unless I’m missing something?

The feedback and involvement have been amazing. I hope the devs take it into consideration because this initiative definitively showed that there is a clear interest from the community for an improvement in the rendering workflow.

This was suggested by another member in the thread of the first video. So I went to the dev forums, but it says on top “For feature requests, please use right-click select”. So I did not post.

Just post to Other Topics/User Feedback in devtalk. There are many Blender development related discussions and this is such well prepared, so I believe will be noticed by some relevant people there.

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Okay, I will give it a little time to gather community feedback on right-click select and then I will post there!

thanks to everyone who up-voted on right-click select, it is going great!
I have updated the feature request on right-click select with the “paste from clipboard” suggested in this thread.

There has been a couple of requests to have the option to render on sequential slots.
This option would mean that every time we press render, the render would be saved to the next sequential slot.

Here is a proposition on how we could implement this via a checkbox:

Would this checkbox make sense or would you implement this differently?
Should this option have the render saved on the next free slot, or simply be saved sequentially and overwrite the slots that are taken?