Updated: Rogue Concept Vehicle Animation

Hey All,

This is an updated version of my Rogue Vehicle Concept animation originally posted in this thread. (Didn’t want to bump it since its nearly a year old…) I posted a preview version in this thread in the WIP forum.

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(DivX 6, 9.8Mb AVI)
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Apologies in advance for the choice of music… :wink:

Frame from video at full rendered resolution:

[Edit] The Tri-Magnum was my original influence for this design, when I first saw it back in 1983 in Mechanix Illustrated magazine!

thats pretty awesome, but are the treads of the tires, not supposed to be moving, because i only see the rims spinning, wait, are they spinners? =D

Wow. That is NICE!

No, the tires are spinning, too. Its just the combo of motion blur + post-pro resampling that made them all but disappear. See the full rez frame linked above to see the tread better.

Sir Alaran: Thanks.

I had thot about adding the vehicle zooming away into the distance on the third rotation, and I may still set that up. I’m moving on to new designs, tho - so maybe in the future I could try this with one of them…

I mostly did this just to test the concept: that maybe a car would look like it was driving if you took a “static” flyaround, removed all the visual points of reference, and rotated the wheels. I was inspired by one of speedtiti’s incredible works to try this out for myself. Its a simple way to add a little extra “punch” to an otherwise bland animation technique (the flyaround). Do you think it works?

Yeah, I think it works. And I like the music, too. Classy. :slight_smile: