updated Typewriter script

today I updated the typewriter script from Bassam Kurdali.

It now enables to have more text chunks in one text object and to swap them, and it has a randomize effect, which looks good during typing. Basically you should be able to do all subtitles for your video with one text object and one text file inside blender.

addon is now here:

example file here:

the original script with video explanation is here:

if you like this addon, or any other of the addons I contribute to, you can donate here:


Thanks for sharing! That’s very useful!

NICE. Two of my favorite and most used addons combined into one.

Ok I installed this and viewed the video. I an get the text to type to clicking the arrow at the side of the character count box. But when I insert a keyframe at character count 1 then go to count 26 and frame 50 and insert another keyframe the text does not animate in the 3d window when I press the play button on the time line. The video shows that it does but not how it was done.

Nevermind the previous message. I figure it out. I forgot to check the checkbox next to Typewriter Text.! DUH

Trying to run the script with Blender 2.73 and I get crashes everytime I render. Any ideas? And the script must be re-ran every time I start the project again.

Hi, you should not run the script, you should install it as an addon - that way it registers on blender start…

Hi! I can not install this script! When I try to install it, blender doesn’t show it in the addon list! Can anyone help me please? I’m using blender 2.74.

Do you try it in the offical release version?
I have tested it there and it works!

for later :slight_smile:
Install > add text > go to properties > object data (F) > Typewriter Effect > paste a path to your text file