Updated Website

(S68) #1

Nothing really new, but lately I used to upload pictures without updating the thumbnail gallery… which is bad… so Today I updated!

as usual


(Still need to update the tuts section…)


(sten) #2

hey stefano

it is cool that u did it…I think I need it too…but don’t know when :-?

(pofo) #3

Lots of very good stuff there :slight_smile:

I love that Blender/Lightflow animation, and the robot tutorial will be very useful if I am to finish my entry for theeth’s Mechanical Life contest.

And of course, I really like being listed as a ‘Blender Guru’ in the links :smiley:

  1. pofo

(bmax) #4

i’m building up my website too… ive been doing so for a while, but unfortunately something always went wrong…

(blengine) #5

nice s68! i love your gallery man…im redoing my site again as well =D