Updated Wiki PDF books

Hi, for anyone that needs offline reading resources,
Nathan (jesterKing) just posted in one article the availability of my:

* <b>Wiki Manual</b> PDF (51MB), updated 2008.10.01
      o This is the PDF version of the Manual from the http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual

this is much improved from the previous one. Still no bookmarks, sorry.

* <b>Script Catalog</b> PDF (6MB), updated 2008.10.02
        This is the PDF version of the Script Catalog from http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/Catalog

* <b>Reference</b> PDF (6MB), updated 2008.10.02
        This is the PDF version of the Blender Reference from http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Reference

* <b>Release Logs</b> PDF (4MB), updated 2008.10.02
        The release logs until 2.47 from http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs

Here is the link for downloads:http://www.letworyinteractive.com/b/category/blender/

Marco Ardito

hey thanks!! :slight_smile:

These are very useful. Thanks!

What they say :slight_smile:


Thanks again.

brilliant, thanks for this. been looking for some kind of straight-ahead blender book for ages (short of a printed book that is), just what I was after.

Hows your site holding up to the traffic? If you need a mirror let me know, I already host a mirror for Blender Art Mag and am willing to help.

Hi, you should ask Nathan Letwory (jesterKing) about the traffic, i don’t know.
Someone also suggested to create a torrent but apparently Nathan has a very high monthly band available.
And, probably only people with offline reading/printing needs are going to download a 50 MB pdf… ;D Anyway i will tell him about your offer. Thanks!

Marco Ardito

Thanks for offering, but currently there’s no need for mirroring yet. Even being blendernationed last time was not a problem - hosting limits were not even close to being broken (not even into 1%!)

If the need arises, I’ll contact you, ok? :slight_smile:


OK, didn’t think it would be to much of an issue with just pdf’s. Sounds like you have a good host as well.