Updating addons to 2.8

Is it legal to update addons to work with 2.8 or do some licenses restrict this. What is the process to do this? I do not know anything about coding.Thanks

Don’t waste your time… :+1:

Thank you for the advice TheRedWaxPolice. I won’t waste my time.

2.8’s python API isn’t stable yet, so any updates done today aren’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. To answer your question though, there’s no legal consequence to updating or messing around with any Blender add-on as they’re all covered by the GPL license. In fact, I’d wager that most add-on devs would welcome the contribution. So knock yourself out! Since you aren’t a coder, now’s the perfect time to start tinkering to get up to speed for when the API is stable.


Thank you as well m9105826. I will do a little research on this topic.

I’ll wait for the new python API to start it but I have a question : How everything should work for addons that have a panel on the tool shelf in 2.79 and below ?

Since blender 2.8x don’t have a real tool shelf anymore, is there a specific part on the “properties panel” that is meant to be used only for addon ?

if you want to try a addon or use it for now, you just need to change the version number in bl_info section of the script,


“blender”: (2, 79, 0),


“blender”: (2, 80, 0),

Then it should work, though no guarantees.

Thank you Blenux for the description of how it is done.

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is there a list of the new API commands
and some tut on how to convert to 2.8 API ?

looks like the API will almost be the last thing to be updated in 2.8
which means probably next year !

happy bl

No it’s not, because it’s not ready yet. It’ll be ready by the september.

heard that before from 2.49 to 2.5 !

hope your right
but don’t expect that at all LOL

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I did write an addon myself and now I want to update it for 2.8 ( and higher ).
But I can’t figure out what is wrong with. It won’t show up in the “N” panel.

The addon is pretty basic and not very big.
Could someone help and take a look at it?
hide_or_show_bone_constrains.py (2.2 KB)

#bl_region_type = 'TOOLS'
bl_region_type = 'UI'

You have to change the region_type on the panel part.

Thanks but that didn’t work.
After I install the addon I still get the message “upgrade to 2.8 required” ( in the preferences menu ).

Where is my addon supposed to show up?
Should it create a new panel in the “N”, or should I find it in an existing tab?

Doing the mentioned change move your panel to the properties panel (the N button).

DoubleZ1 gave you part of what you needed with changing the bl_region_type – but you had a few other issues which prevented your addon from working in 2.8x

The error message you were getting about “upgrade to 2.8 required” was because you had no Blender version info in bl_info (required).

I made the bare minimum changes needed to work in 2.8x (loaded in 2.82) – It only shows up in Pose Mode as per your original – Here you go :

hide_or_show_bone_constrains.py (3.5 KB)

The panel shows up in Pose Mode with the two buttons under ‘Misc’ tab (N panels) per your scripting – I added the needed bl_category for the panel to show.

I did not test the validity of the buttons themselves (no armatures to work with), so let me know if you get any error messages regarding the operator code for them and I will take a look.

I hope this helps…

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Thank you, now it’s working!

I like to improve one more thing to the addon but I’m not sure if it’s possisble:
I want the active button to have another color then the default grey.
So if I press “Show” that button should be blue ( for example ) and the “Hide” button should be grey, and vice versa.

( I want to use the same color as the default colors.
For example the viewport shading buttons, if you enable “Rendered” that button/icon becomes blue and all the other ones stay grey. I want the same blue color. )

You are welcome.

I updated to 1.2 to correct a console warning regarding Panel class bl naming convention.

I was intrigued by your request above, because I already attempted this a year ago with one of my addons (for 2.79), and was yet to find the right working solution, so I decided to give it another try with yours.

I am happy to report, this time, I was successful due to more code study and finding a thread here where a coder did something similar, but with viewport viewing – This led me down the correct path instead of the misguided notion of trying to somehow link my operators – The operator classes aren’t even needed any longer – Now all handled with a PropertyGroup.

So, the question to you, jovlem; For version 1.3 are you happy with your original request with a two-button toggle :

Or, would you rather have a single toggle button for the on/off like this :

I did both, because I need the second type for my addon. Which one would you prefer?
After I get your answer, I will finish up the code cleanup, and upload here.

That looks great!
I prefer the two-button toggle.

If possible it would be nice that for a new file both buttons should be grey ( as you haven’t pressed both of them ). Or if you select or add a new armature. But this is not necessary if it’s too complicated.

Oh and another thing.
I did use the " influence" slider because I couldn’t get the " eye" visibility symbol to work.

Not a big problem but if it’s possible to solve it, that would be even better.