updating armature angle with the game engine

Hello, this should be a simple question. I am wondering how use the game engine to bend and move a rigged model. In other words, with a key press or other input, I want to bend the rigging and have the model follow the deformation. I think this shouldnt be much of a problem, but when I link the key press to update the rotation of the bone, the model doesnt seem to follow. (The armature seems to be invisible in game so I dont know if it is moving or not). Any tips are appreciated.

you need to have the model rigged and animated.
I had this problem a few weeks ago you have to use an action actuator.

Yes, this will let me play back the animation using the armatures and the model will deform accordingly. Thank you for the reply. Now I need to widen the scope of the question a little.
It seems that because of the way the animations are set up, you need to define a starting frame. The ping pong feature lets you play the animation forward with a keypress and in the absence of key press the animation plays backward from the last frame it arrived at before the key was released. What I would like to do is be able to step through the animation frames backward with one key and forward with another. As it is you need to make sure the object is positioned in the same place as it is when your animation starts or else it will hop to that position when the animation is activated.

Here’s an example file. Note that the “True pulsing mode” is selected on both of the keyboard sensors, this is just to make the user able to hold down the key to cycle through the frames, as opposed to having to hit the key repeatedly.

This example uses the IPO actuator, but you can set it up with a Action actuator just as easily.




playframes.blend (119 KB)

Thanks alot Sam, this is exactly what I was shooting for!