Updating blender, how to keep old scripts and preferences active???

Is there any way to keep using scripts for old versions and also keep the same startup.blend after upgrading blender to new version…without manually moving everything?
I have several different folders in user application data and also in blender program directory, such as 2.63-2.64-2.65-2.66.
They contain various addons but also preferences/history/presets etc. These don’t carry over when upgrading to 2.66 for example.

Is there any way to carry them over other than manually every time blender gets a new version? It seems very wasteful,


When you first open the new version it shows the splash screen. It has “copy settings from previous version” button on it.
It copies your settings, startup file, and scripts. Blender comes with a set of addons and then there are ones you can download. Downloaded ones you can handle either by putting them in the correct directory which then gets copied over, or you can set them up like this http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/04/18/keeping-scripts-up-to-date-with-svn/

Thanks , it seems to copy some scripts but not all, maybe they were in a different place.