Updating Blender Keeping Settings Etc.

Hi there,

Blender just overwrites all my settings, scripts/plugins. How to avoid this is my question?
I found several ways for different versions. Perhaps the elephant in the room but I know not
of a single way for each version to keep these user settings.

So far I’m really loving Blender. See what I’ve done so far:
(muscle, hair, and other details I plan to do with dynatopo)

ctrl + ‘,’ will bring up user preferences, hit ‘save user preferences’ at the bottom of that window.

I have also wondered how to do this between versions. I think you can take the default.blend and just copy it over?

If you open blender’s new version after it has been placed in the same folder (ie. Applications > Blender > Blender New version folder)
It will pick up the settings from the last version.

This worked for me. Blender asked to copy and restore settings and previous session.
Thanks FloridaJo