Updating Blender to latest version

I have Blender 2.45 right now but I want to update to the latest 2.46.
Do I download 2.46 and install over 2.45 or is there a update feature?
I am new to Blender so that explains the strange questions. :frowning:

On windows, I just run the installer and it sorts things out. I believe that by default it now puts the versions into separate directorys (I have a Blender and a Blender 2.46).

Not sure about other OSs, I’ve been playing with Ubuntu, but I wouldn’t presume to give any advice there.

If you have Linux, you can go to http://getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=Blender and clck on the [Download: Blender] button, then erase the shortcut off your desktop. If you have it on Windows go tohttp://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/ and just delte your current shortcut - if any- and put the Blender 2.4 shortcut on the Desktop! Hope I helped :slight_smile:

Can someone answer this for OSX. I’m updating from 2.46 to 2.47.
I just want to make sure I install the update correctly with my user preferences the same.
Thanks bunches.

just follow the instruction for the installer it should work fine!


I’ve checked for the last hour, but could not find instructions as
to remove the old version first or not.
to install in same folder or not.
These are my main questions.

When I unzip it it creates it’s own folder.
Do I have to relocate any scripts I had in the last installation to the new installation?
Do I relocate my .b.blend file?

[email protected] Thanks…but that’s a little confusing… are you saying that you install it and it preserves your settings or it creates a whole new instance of the installation? I would prefer having the 2.47 build separate until I get a feel for it (oh…i’m running Vista :confused: ). I know you can save preferences to a default file but am unsure of the rest of what you’re saying.

When you install Blender on Windows simply install it into a new location. I use the zipped version and simply unzip it to a location on my harddrive.
This will give you the typical blender folder structure. To test that everything ran fine simply start the blender.exe in the newly created folder.
To port your preferences from 2.45/2.46 to 2.47 you copy the b.blend file in the .blender folder of your old installation (2.45/2.46) into the .blender folder of your 2.47 installation. If you have run Blender 2.47 previously, as I suggested above, you will get a notice asking you if you want to overwrite the b.blend file (say yes) if you haven’t run blender yet it will simply copy your old b.blend into the folder.
Startup blender again and you should have your old preferences set. Be aware that any settings that are new will be set to default so it is a good idea to check your settings and then resave them using CTRL+U.
If something goes wrong simply delete the b.blend file and blender will recreate it when you start it up.

is imply follow the instructions for any of th EXE from new version of blender
and never had any problem
mind you i/m using vista and there is a problem with the install -
and i have a problem of saving the B file because of Vista most probably
but you just have to select another folder then the Program folder of Vista
pick one in your Doc folder and it should work fine!


I found that even thought the 2.47 installs in it’s own directory that the user preferences are saved and therefore will come up in the new version. I think I read somewhere that the user preferences are stored in a user bin separate from the program.
The only thing I had to move was a script that is not included in Blender. That I copied to .Blender/scripts (in OS X you have to enable viewing of hidden files first, then right click in the blender.app information window and click ‘show contents’ before you can see the scripts file.