Updating camera projection information after moving the camera

Salutations Blender community!

I am trying to:

  • Move the camera object with bpy.context.scene.camera.location = (x, y, z)
  • Find the locations in Normalized Device Coordinates (ie. within the frame of the rendered image) of some of the vertices with bpy_extras.object_utils.world_to_camera_view

I’m suspecting that I am not calling a function needed to update the projection information of the camera after moving, because the projections are incorrect. Blender is reporting that some points that I know are in the frame are outside of the viewing area (negative z value in world_to_camera_view). I have verified this by calling my script with blender -P script.py, and then examining the world coordinates in the 3d view to make sure that they are in fact in the frame.

Right now, I am calling:

Before I project with world_to_camera_view. Is there another function I need to call to make sure that the camera projection information is updated?

You could try camera.matrix_world.translation = …, it might make a difference because .location sort of depends on the object matrix