Updating Driver woes

Alright, so I’m very new to the whole update driver game.
Recently when opening Blender, I noticed considerable lag when selecting objects, pressing a hotkey, etc. I checked here, and thought I might try to upgrade my video driver.

Through Windows’s device manager, I’ve found that my “Display Adapter” is a NVIDIA GeForce2 Go. I haven’t been able to find any driver updates for this. From the information I can gather, the driver is from April 7, 2004 and is version

Please, if anyone can help, I need guidance.
I’d really like to get into character animation, but I can’t do anything with Blender running this slowly!

Thought I should mention that no limits coaster simulation is a game I play that uses OpenGL. When running the simulator, however, I get this error message: “Warning: No 3D Hardware Acceleration Found!” I feel that these problems may be interrelated to a situation which happened to my PC not too long ago which resulted in the loss of standard Windows programs (ie, Paint, Wordpad, Internet Explorer, etc.) I was able to restore these programs, but I’m afraid other damage must have been done to my computer’s drivers.

Hopefully it’s repairable though some updates or downloads. :frowning:

You might start looking here for updated drivers.


I’ve tried there. NVIDIA says that the don’t offer driver updates for Notebook versions of the GeForce2 Go. They suggest that I check with Dell, but their “update” is a year older than the version I have…