Updating Existing Blender Documentation


I am not sure where this should be posted so please forgive for this.

How can I or someone else updated existing Blender documentation?
This one for example:

It’s a great DoF tutorial but it is missing a few key things that would
probably cause a lesser experienced person to commit suicide out of
frustration. I was able to find my way through it because I already have
experience with contraints and object parenting, but a little earlier in life I
would have been lost and would’ve had to quit the tutorial all together.

Here are a few missing steps that I think should be added:

-The NURBS Circle’s tracking Contraint settings should be adjusted so that it
is facing the Empty by selecting Z in the “To:” section of the “TrackTo” constraint stack.

-To be able to see the “Speed” IPO channel you must first choose “Path” from the
“Show IPO type” drop menu.

I know those are small details, but it’s these kinds of little things that gave me
a bad impression of Blender early on in my studies and nearly caused me to
drop it and seek commercial quality software hoping for more something that
always works. I just didn’t know back that. I have run into a lot of things like
this in the past.

I think tutorials, especially ones hosted by blender.org, should have some kind
of quality control with 1st-timers in mind. That way people new to Blender
have a higher chance of succes with it and can experiencing all its wonderful lovelies.

If you know the right people and could pass that on to someone who has
updating privileges that would be super fresh.


yeah, as it says at the start of the doc, it’s out of date.
If you really want to help with documentation,
you could see how much of this doc has been migrated to the wiki.
then you could update/copy it there.
if you want wiki writing permissions,
ask jesterKing on irc channel freenode #blenderwiki or blendercoders.

Thanks for the info.