updating linked libraries

how can I update a linked library? i edited a model in it’s source file by adding a material and a material channel, but after opening the linked file, it doesnt update the material channels. the model still has only one material. can I somehow refresh the linked object or do I have to delete it and re-link it?

You shouldn’t have to update it - if you like a blend file into a main blend file, just loading up the main blend file will update the linked objects, as well. Is it the same object in both files? I mean, is ‘ObjectA’ in the main file also ‘ObjectA’ in the linked file?

… and check that the material is linked too.

i linked the material, but the object doesnt update the material channels, and i cant add a material channel because the object is linked. when i open the file, it automatically updates the mesh and the material that it has, but the 2nd material that i added in the source file doesnt show up.

hmm interesting. With 2 simple materials it works for me.

What version do you use?
Are you using textures? If so are they linked too?

im using 2.49
it may be that I forgot to link the textures, but then im still wondering why there isnt a material, just with no texture.

i appended the object now and only linked the mesh, so the object has the materials.

I do not know what it could be. I tried with textures and it works as designed. Object, Mesh, Materials and Textures are linked.
Maybe you hit a strange situation. Would be good to identify it for later.

Hey, you just said that you appended the object. You have to link objects for them to maintain paths to their original resource objects - make sure you tick the Link button on the left of the file browser (or just make sure you hit the Link menu item, not the Append menu item).

i had linked the object, but i deleted it and appended it then, linking only the mesh, because it didnt work linking the materials. i had linked all before, only the material channels didnt update.

Hm. Well, maybe you should try putting the object in a group, and then linking the group. Or, you could post the blend for people to help you out with.