updating scripts

here is one idea that might be good or not: to have blender an option to check and update the scripts.
start blender -> have some sort of “preferences” where you can select “check automatically for scripts updates” -> then blender if allowed goes online on the repository and come up with the list of updates scripts -> from the list select the scripts you want to update and hit “ok”
obvious more options/tweaks could be added.
the scripts needs to be put on a repository by blender guys, etc.
this will save time to hunt for latest. the list with scripts could be modified by each user, or could be the whole list that comes in blender (you can add or delete).

there are many problems associated with this.

For Official Included Scripts, usually they are maintained & updated for each release of Blender.
There is a small team of people who do this.
So you have the updated version in whatever version of Blender you use.

For External Scripts such as scripts I list on the wiki,
It is a logistical nightmare.
Scripts with broken links, broken scripts no longer maintained by authors,
Scripts with links all over the world, scripts that only exist as pasted code text here.
Who would update all the scripts?
It is hard enough trying to maintain such a huge list.
This is one problem (& a reason Why) with the Bundles I am releasing.
By the time I finish there will be another release of Blender.
Testing scripts & finding updated versions when & if they exist,
cannot happen until after each release.
If someone releases a fixed version in between builds it often must wait for updating the wiki until the next Blender release.
The wiki scripts catalog is being updated, this is now the Official repository for scripts.
est. finish time x-mas this year.
Hopefully by then the tiny team will have everything updated to a reasonable working level.

Studioa, your idea is not without merit,
certainly it has been put forward before.
Others do share this idea.
I feel it is unworkable. atm.
who knows in the future.

Meta-Androcto - understand your points. I was thinking of a more organized way of updating the scripts rather than grab them from web sites scattered around. So somehow a “gardener” that maintain them and upload them on an official repository. Then by having this update feature inside Blender, anybody can upload the “latest” (that was filtered by maintenance). maybe it is an utopic idea …