Updating Shaders problem between workstations.


I have a question about something that i cannot fix easily. I’m working on a medium sized scene with some animated parts that have a principled shader.

I also have some objects with textures. 12 Objects with 2 sides each. So 24 elements that have a texture. I’m building the scenes at work, but i render it at home, because my own workstation is 10-times as fast. The thing is, when i open the scene on the imac or macbook at work and set the viewport to render, it say’s updating shader for about 10 seconds and i see my scene. When i open the same scene on my windows 10 pc at home, the updating shader message is 5 minutes or more.

So something is going on with the textures. I did some tests. Reducing the amount of materials in the scene makes the Updating shader process alot quicker. I don’t understand why this happens. I need it to be fast like with all my other scenes. Anybody has an idea?

Blender version on all 3 machines. 2.79

Workstation 1: Imac 5k late 2015 ( CPU Rendering )
Worstation 2: Macbook ( CPU Rendering )
Workstation 3: AMD Ryzen 1700 & GTX 1080 8gb ( CPU + GPU Rendering )

So the problem is on the 3rd System. When i set this system to cpu rendering, it does not make a difference. I even loaded the textures from scratch at home, but it did not make a difference.

Please Help

I have fixed my problem. I used flattened PSD textures and never had problems with these. Somehow the 3rd workstation did not update the shaders. When i replaced the textures with PNG version it all works fine. So with me it was a texture format problem.