Upgrade Blender


I’m new and started with 2.44.
I have a question concerning updating from 2.44 to 2.45. Is there a Patch, or do I need to deinstall 2.44 complete and install 2.45 completely new?
Thanks in advance.


Hi !
From the top of my head: you just install 2.45 in the same directory as 2.44.

Download the full 2.45 version.

It will replace the 2.44 files with those of 2.45 and keep your scripts, prefs, etc…

So is 2.45 officially released?:rolleyes:

kinda looks like it is huh ?
I dont blame you… it’s only been on digg, slashdot, this forum, blender.org, blendernation and a shitload of other website… so easy to miss :no:


Or you can just install and run both side-by-side. But I don’t see much reason for that . . . esp. since this is a bug-fix release. Personally, I just uninstalled the old before installing the new.