Upgrade for Job!

Hello, greetings! Basically this thread i start is to upgrade my production from the drawing above into something like
these, in respective order and related design logic

As I work on different tools from Paint Tool SAI, Zbrush, Maya, Unreal and Blender…
The goal of this project is to get me a simple work logic with focus on my wacom tablet as the design instrument.

I suppose i am to start from seting up all my shortcuts in Zbrush, Maya, Blender, Unreal to emulate
Paint tool sai, especially since my target is to make animated shows like the first video above with maximum
comfort and ease within limited timeframe (30 min episode, 2 hr movie, 10hr ++ games)

this thread will be a documentation of this project, and hope some people will find it useful too

I look forward to the community’s inputs and assistance

So first thing first is my 2d digital work… i aim to improve my quality into smething realisticc like this.

my client also asked me to catch up with the recent release of Gamevil, the heir of light

So, theresult of this artwork should become 3d models fully rigged, textured, animated, and has programming built in it
for games and animation.

Visual grading.

design palette.
data s( angle, 2d,3d, integer, strings, bool…)

Please critique


I think this is captain murica from the latest infinity war but… idk.

maybe can end this thread if response is low

Here’s a paint over of your last image:

Some anatomy changes around the eyes and forehead, and shading changes. I recommend doing some anatomy studies (both 2D and 3D) and practicing lighting/shading. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Also, what are those little diagrams underneath the picture?