Upgrade graphic card

This is my first time in this forum. I am currently developing a project that I will render with cycles, that takes a long time in my computer. I have a Laptop HP 15-db1028 Ryzen 3 3200 8 GB RAM 256 SSD (I am sorry if the information of the device is not useful but I really don’t know anything about computers) and I want to upgrade it. As far as I know, what I could do is to add a Graphic card, but I have no clue of which one I have to buy. I would appreciate if you could help me with some information about this topic.
Thank you!

Hi Roberto,

I don’t know very much about HP laptops, you could check their website and see if yours can be upgraded. Most laptops can not be upgraded, which is why many of us have desktop machines. If you want more Cycles rendering power than you will most likely have to upgrade to a more powerful laptop ($$$) or get a desktop computer. For the money of a top-end laptop you can get an extremely powerful desktop.

It’s starting to change somewhat, but in my opinion, a desktop is much more cost effective and can be much more powerful than the highest end laptop. When I upgrade my desktop, I reuse many of the components so the upgrade is much cheaper than buying a whole new computer. Things to think about. :slight_smile:


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Desktops can be cheaper as they don’t have the same power consumption and size constraints that laptops are designed to fit. Additionally, if building a PC, you have the choice to use parts that make sense for what you are doing.

I would say that having a laptop really prevents many upgrades. External graphics card setups can be purchased but the laptop may not support it, plus they don’t come with the same speed benefit as being directly plugged into a PCIe slot.


The next Nvidia cards are supposed to be out in September if you can wait there is supposed to be a $700 card as fast as the current $1200 RTX 2080 ti.

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