Upgrade my 1998 AMD-K6... possible?

Blender is working alright, but it’s slow… really slow…my computer is old, born in 1998:p I really want to upgrade it. New processor, more RAM(I know how to do that though… it’s running on 350 Mhz now… and I want … maybe a couple more gigs in it… so… anyone… know if this is possible and if so, what do you suggest I put in it? Second hand though… don’t have a really huge budget :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, you can still get blender to run on computers from that long ago. In fact, I took my first steps with blender on my old computer (from about 1999, but with an ati graphics card) that was pretty similar to what you described. :slight_smile:


no its not worth it… get a new computer. it will be the only way.

a new computer that would kick that ones pants would be $200USD


Hello BleedForMe…

I have Blender 2.40 running just fine on a 1998 Compaq Deskpro with 192 Meg RAM (it’s 440 MHz Coppermine chip). There’s only about 8 Meg VRAM, so…here’s what to do:
(1) Use a Linux distro that will load either BlackBox or Fluxbox. They only use about 16 MRam for XWindows and a window manager.
(2) I’m using Suse 9.3 (which has legal mpeg creators!), and I use YAST to turn off every possible service that isn’t needed. That’s quite a list!
(3) Better yet, do get a used P4 and use your AMD as part of a render farm. Check out my posts on that.

sounds nice, please tell me where

Hey, I have an old AMD 1700, but it doesn’t have a video card (onboard video) do you think it could stil function in a renderfarm?

(Since I hear the video card actually only takes care of the GUI, but actual rendering is done on the CPU?)


sounds nice, please tell me where

Well maybe not 200 but this is close


Originally Posted by Alltaken

a new computer that would kick that ones pants would be “$200USD”


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sounds nice, please tell me where

IF you realy want to know a quick search revealed

its a refurbish but it does beat the 1998 AMD-K6 for under $200 with the $100 mailing rebate.
try www.newegg.com

Good luck:)

Reply to NeoOmega:
Yes, your computer is perfect for a render farm.
I’m using DrQueue, and if you want to, you can run that old box as “slave.Linux” in console mode (runlevel 3).
But, since blackbox (or better yet fluxbox) uses so little memory, my machine runs a GUI during renders with about 60Meg still free! It actually freaked me at first, because I thought there was a problem with the program. It turns out that once you’ve configured your machine this, Dr.Queue runs almost entirely in RAM, only reading and writing a file about once every 20 minutes. (I was using Yafray with a ray depth of 10).

I’m going to post the complete tutorial at:
http://brkurt.googlepages.com just as soon as I finish the architectural project I’m working on. Gotta pay those bills…

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Thanks brkurt, it’s a question I have been wondering for a while.

The best thing to do is build a computer yourself, and use the same case/power supply and possibly hard drive to save yourself some money. I updated my parents computer from a 266mhz to 1.8ghz Sempron for around $130.

130 dollar… that’s about 100 euro’s right… I can spend it I guess… low budget food… but that’s nothing new… I’ll check some things out… but, aren’t some things incompatible with others(I have SD-RAM so, that’s not gonna go wrong:P). Like… dell and IBM… or putting a pentium processor in an AMD socket or whatever(I sound like I don’t know anything about building computers… and i don’t… I know what to do when I see it :P)

I seems to remember that there are a online computer store that take used computer parts and put it together with your choice of Linux installed on it and makes sure that these works well. this stores sells their computer real cheap for around $100 or less. I think that you might be able to get a better computer than your from this store and transfer whatever you want to keep (like your hard drive and stuffs) to this computer. I’m trying to find a link to this site right now, i’ll come back and post here with the links soon (if I could find it).

:EDIT: found it, this particular one is $74.99 shipped (US only) and if you are in another country then maybe you could use a service that gets and mail it for you (i forgot the name of this kind of services but I’ve heard about this from a sale of japan only sale online).


  • CPU: Intel Celeron 500Mhz
  • Memory: 128MB Upgradable to 512MB
  • Hard Drive: 4GB 8GB
  • Network: 10/100 Fast Ethernet w/Optional external 56k modem
  • Audio: Built in sound
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports on front case
  • Depth: 10.4 in
  • Height: 13.75 in
  • Width: 5.44 in
  • Weight: ~10 lbIf you scroll down on the site, you would see the upgrade option that you might be able to afford to do since this is pretty cheap.

Ugh, that computer above is only slightly better than my laptop, which isn’t fit for Blender at all.

Go to Fry’s Electronics and get a K8N Asus motherboard, an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, get a new graphics card or make sure your graphics card you have now is AGP 8x compatible, and then get a new power supply. Should cost you $400 US or less. That’s what I did. Perfect for me, nice Blending machine. You can save up to $80 by buying some parts on Ebay (my power supply was in brand new condition and was $2.25). Then get Linux for a free OS.