Upgrade question (old CPU to future purchase comparision?) Performance

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Hopefully in 4 months i will be able to upgrade CPU,MoBo and RAM
I would like to ask a bit of a weird question. Hopefully someone could shine light on it.
So at this moment I am using i5 2500K @3900mhz and the thing that I would like to know is how much of improvements and how much would a Ryzen 5 3600 could take more compared to a i5 2500K, like Vertex display and so on.


The performance difference would be huge, both in Single Threaded and Multi-Threaded tasks. In STP the 3600X would be ~50% faster (or slightly more, not all benchmarks have the same scaling), and in MTP the difference would be gargantuan, more than 300% according to some benchmarks. So, there’s no debate here.
How much are you willing to spend on this build? What country are buying from?

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Yes I read the same thing 50% in single and 275+% in multi but I’m more interested in Blender.

2k PLN, at this moment 3600 is around 900PLN, Ram that I’m looking at is 320PLN (3000mhz 2x8GB Cl16) a Mobo from 300-440PLN (hopefully at the end of January there will be more Gen4 Motherboards), was hoping for a PCI NVMe ssd too, don’t really need it so could always get more RAM or 3600mhz RAM.
I do hope i will be able to upgrade but you never know. especially with my wonderful luck in life.

The R5 3600 is IMO quite a good mix of decent single- and multithreading performance for Blender for not that much money, I think it’s a great pick. I don’t know what tasks exactly you want to do with that new PC, but I’m not sure whether a PCI NVMe SSD is worth it’s increased price, I don’t really notice that much of a difference between one and a SATA SSD.


Don’t bother getting a gen 4.0 nvme. Not there yet. Good performance on paper but not in real life.
See this part list:
The total is just under 2000 PLN. I suggest you buy a good air cooler too. The Wraith doesn’t do a very good job keeping this cpu cool enough. This one is a good solution.

If you want to buy a new OS drive, then throw the money on something larger vs “faster”. A sata SSD for a tight budget is the to go, imo.

Thanks for all the tips and comments about PC parts but I really want to know the difference in Blender between i5 2500K vs Ryzen 5 3600

about the parts, There is no point in getting 3600X, it’s basically the same thing, a bit waste of 200 PLN
that i could spend on a heatsink, something similar to what currently i have. ( but it’s been a long time and right now maybe there are much better designs)

I do want a PCI Gen 4 Motherboard but its not only about storage but that would be nice to have, so i could in half a year or so (after the upgrade) to buy a 256GB PCI SSD (NVMe)

RAM I kind of really want to get a GOODRAM, because if there is a problem with RAM stick i can get a new pair in less than a week (warranty). Seems 3200Mhz is only 30PLN more than 3000Mhz

About OS drive, at this moment i have 2x SSD, an old one 120GB and newer one 120GB but a better one (some kind of Patriot).

Depending on prices, at this moment its 1650-1725PLN, maybe it will be possible to get 32GB of ram, if not would go for a different RAM at 3600Mhz for the MCLK UCLK FCLK ratios, unless the CPU is weird and its not gonna be 1800 FCLK

As always thanks for the replies :wave: :wink:

You have the answer already. The 3600 would be slightly slower in STP and MTP compared to the 3600x, just in the 5% area in both. If you are going to buy the aftermarket cooler, then the best choice is the 3600 of course. If not, then go for the 3600x imo. It has a better stock cooler out of the box. The X isn’t there without a reason of course. It’s not only about the slightly higher clocks and the 5% boost in performance. These chips are better binned and could potentially give a better temps/voltage combination. That’s why they boost at higher frequencies out of the box.
As for blender in particular, most tasks are single threaded, only a few are slightly threaded and only cpu rendering is fully threaded. So, in most common tasks the 3600 (x) would be at least 50% faster compared to the 2500k.

As for the gen 4.0 nvme’s don’t get too excited imo. In your situation larger capacity is more important than better performance (on paper, I repeat) because your budget is tight. You want to spare 200 PLN from the CPU, and good for you. Don’t throw it on a fancy x570 mobo only to have the potential for a faster nvme in the future. Not a wise move for a tight budget.