Upgrade to RTX dual GPU setup recommendations !?

Hi there I’d have to upgrade someday soon I think,
from 2x780Ti - to what ?

I’ve seen that 2070super, 2080, 2080 super are just nearly the same for us - is this true !?
so, I think, without to know in detail,
I’d go and grab 2x ASUS TURBO RTX 2070 SUPER 8G EVO,
I ‘only’ have 800W powerunit and 2x6 2x8 pins,
and I think it’s better to have this to over one 2080Ti (or 2 which are is to expensive and powerhungy)

It matters what you want to do. I have a single RTX 2080 Super. And it runs awesome for Cycles and Eevee. Sure SLI is, as far as I know, very fast in blender. But I always heard about driver/optimization problems with SLI and cooling issues. Thats why I prefer strong versions of the 70 or 80 series of Geforce. My system runs very well, its cooling really good and its silent.

My System:
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 32 x 3,5- 4,0 Ghz
32 Gb ram
RTX 2080 SUPER 8 Gb
400 Gb SSD
1000 Gb HDD

My employer paid for it 2500 €

Here are is the BMW benchmark from


If SLI will bring significantly advantages I’m eager to know. I will bookmark this topic. I’m exited what others will say.

when I researched on the last buy, I was said that, do NOT use SLI for blender,
and I didn’t - this is because blender uses both cards (for cycles!) together just flawless,
and it works soo good with the 780s …

Yeah dont use SLI for rendering. Otherwise renders generally scale 100% on multiple GPUs excluding synchronization and bvh times

Also buying 2 RTX 20xx GPUs isnt a bad idea, Optix in cycles is pretty quick compared to stock cuda rendering

I’d second the suggestions for a double GPU build. If it’s only for rendering on one in the background and let the other be keeping your displays responsive. Options, you know…

I’ve always had a triple GPU setup and well… I always render on all 3 GPUs lol, No need for a responsive display when you got things to be rendering

Yeah, normally I just leave the machine alone also. But you know… sometimes…

Yeah… sometimes… when I am playing a game its also nice to have 2 GPUs in the background for rendering. and yeah you can run games at full speed while rendering if you have multiple GPUs :smiley:

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Exactly, it just adds versatility.

Not to mention you can record your games at 120FPS without impacting performance on a second GPU

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Never did that. Not the biggest gamer myself. But certainly a nice to know.
Edit: But now as you’re speaking of it… Do you use the second as a recording device? Maybe a dumb question but I never tried something like that. But it would have other uses outside of gaming.

Yeah I do, Though CPU still has the best encoding quality. But using obs you can use your 2nd GPU as an encoding device. So if you render on GPU it wont mess up your recording if you do tutorials or something

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Cool, wanted to have a look at OBS fir quite aome time now. Thanks for the info.

back to topic anyone :joy:

what - I would get less shader kernels but a better performace ?!
strange times


Well your question was answered if ya read the “off topic” conversation we had. Also gaming performance isnt really something you can compare to rendering performance.

the rtx cards and gtx 780 ti are completely different architectures so comparing shader units doesn’t mean anything

For such a question it was quite on point to discuss that.
Now I don’t want to sound cheeky but doesn’t the part:

Gaming Performance Value

let go of some alarm bells?
Long story short, that comparison is absolutely useless in the context of Blender.

2070 Supers are just a smidge slower than 2080 Supers, but considerably cheaper. In other words, they’re the best bang for your buck, if 6GB (correction, 8GB) is adequate for your needs. I have three 2070 Super Hybrids. Me likey.

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I think the 2070 S has 8gb too.

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oh nice, hybrid, I‘ve overlooked this kind of cards, seems to be also quite good