Upgrading AMD Gpu, should I get a better card?

The work I plan on doing is sculpting with dyntopo or voxels. I plan on doing texture painting in blender. UVUnwrapping in blender. And also animation rigging and animating. I want to create game ready models. Also vertex editing when needed, along with boolean.

Currently I have an AMD RX 470. I could maybe upgrade into an RX 5600 XT. Would it make blender better to upgrade? or should I just keep the RX 470, and be content. The rx 470 has 8gb ram and the 5600 would have 6gb. I don’t know what blender will do in the future. I don’ tknow what parts use the GPU.

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Depending on how much funds you have. If you plan to sell of the RX470 to recoup the cost a bit for the 5600xt.

The memory side is only important based on the scenes you are working with. use GPU-Z, open your most complex scene and see how much memory is used both in viewport and during render.

The 5600xt will perform notabliy faster, in the area of 2x faster over the rx 470, but again depends on how much memory you use.

Honestly now is not a good time to upgrade and 5600xt is almost a sidegrade rather than upgrade so I’d wait.

In fact I too have a 470, an 8gb sapphire nitro+ overclocked one that performs like a reference 480 but still at the end of the day it’s a 470.

I’ve my eyes on the soonish to be released rtx 3060 12gb, once its been released and the supply has improved - perhaps even after it’s dropped in price a bit that is probably what I will look towards upgrading to.

That is probably what I’ll do, is just wait till later time. Now I’ve got to try and get car anyways.