upgrading my pc - go for it?

Currently I got :
K7VZA mainboard with amd duron 1,2 GHz, 256 mb ram, radeon 9250 128 DDR…
I know it suck…

I wanna to buy few things… well, almost everything that I have inside of my pc, which is one big mess. My mainboard killed 2 GeForces already and now my Radeon is dying too (damned, cursed, evil AGP port)

Only old 4mb pci card is immortal :cool:

Whole party will cost me around 389.27 USD/291.25 EUR. (1 118,84 PLN)
It’s almost my whole monthly payment! But as my friend said "You don’t buy things like that every month)

Here’s the list:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600
ASUS M2N, nForce 430 MPC, DualDDR2-800 Mainboard
Kingston 1024MB 533MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL4 DIMM
Geforce 7300GT, 256MB GDDR2

and I will change the (umm, I’m not sure how you call it in english. If Im wrong, hope you’ll understand what I mean) power supply from some old 230W no-name (: to
Mode Com MC-350 ATX 2.0, 350W PFC that I hope will handle it all.

I’m asking if it will work together also if it will work fast enough for todays standards?

and if I will be happy with it :eyebrowlift2:

So, go for it?

I will order that stuff tommorrow or in tuesday.
Thanks in advice

You’ll need a power supply for the new CPU. It’ll have to have two of those 12v 4pin connectors. Yours probably doesn’t, but check.

Besides that looks good.

Made that mistake a while back and had to buy one (~$70 USD).

And make sure the pwr spply has a six pin PCI-E cable. That is if the video card needs one (which it probably does).

ack, didn’t read all your post. You have a ATX 2.0 spply. That should work.

Umm, you know, maybe in polish I would understand :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know what to look for, but here’s the link to the producer site with the same power supplie

Will that be a good one?


Also, what does it mean that " Power Supply is compatible with Intel 2.0".
Will that work with processor and mainboard I’ve choose?

Sorry for being green. My interest in hardware started again a week or two ago after few-year long break :cool:

The brand name of your power supply doesn’t really matter. Just make sure its ATX 2.0 and I would rather go for a 450Watt or more with your setup.
Looking at the power supply on the page that you linked to earlier, I’d go for the 500watt one - here.

Well, I couldn’t afford for a stronger power supply so I wen’t with 350W.
I think it will be alright. All in all 350 isn’t small… isn’t it?

What are the possible bad things, other than damaged power supply, that may occur?

350 is small. try this site.

CPU failure. I’m speaking from personal experience here. Replacing your cpu will cost a lot more than the power supply…

I blew up a motherboard Southbridge because of a failing power supply. Cost me a fare whack to get a new motherboard and powersupply.

I suggest a BIG power supply.

I totaly cooked a system with a 200Watt PS, just by adding a new hard drive.

it is amazing how close the big computer manufacturers get to the limmits,
dont they think that you will want to someday upgrade?

replace “Think” with “Care” and you will have your answer.

if they save 50c on selling you a computer, they will do it, they don’t care what you do with it after that.


Well, I already ordered everything but after all I red here, I emailed coustomer service about possible swittching power suply from 350W to the 500W one… I decided to pay extra money.
The power suply cost more than cpu and memory, heh. Oh well…
There are holidays here now, so they should reply me on tuesday.

Thanks for helping me out.

This month will be very, very thin, if you know what I mean :cool: