Upgrading my processor

Hi. I wish to seek advice before upgrading. I currently have .

Intel Dual Core 3.00 Ghz
Nvidia GeForce 9400GT
Intel D102GGC2

And I will be upgrading to.

AM3 Anthlon II X2 240
(Still gonna use the previous video card)
Biostar mobo (Still not specified)

Is the upgrade will increase my speed of rendering? I am not that good on PC parts and really not familiar with AMD products because I used Intel since I got a computer.

and the cycles, luxrender, yarafray render times will increase?

Please enlighten me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bad idea!

If im not mistaken your Intel dual core is much faster than the amd equivalent. You should be trying to go above 2 cores, not just switching brands. (what is the intel cpu type? is it a core 2 duo?)

Amd can have the raw processing power, but it generally lacks in hyper threading. If you want to see an increase in Cycles rendering, get a better graphics card. If you wan to focus on lux and the other renders, try to get a faster cpu. Look at the 4 or 6 core cpus. I use both intel and amd in two different computers. If you cant afford the intel (which is usually more expensive), then get a quad or x6 amd.
For video cards, try to get an nvidia above the 500 line, preferably the 560 ti or up.
I also dont recommend biostar. You get what you pay for, and in this case its usually junk. If you are going cheap taiwanese motherboards, go for Gigabyte. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/main.aspx?s=42

i would get an amd fx 8150 :wink: its not that expensive
btw you want to buy parts that you will ba happy with like i bought a dual core cpu for my pc but then a few month later i spent another 100 on a quad core and in a few months im getting the amd fx 8150 so see how much money i wasted and i have been through 2 graphics cards and im getting a new one soon too the last one i bought was 150 dollars and the one before that was 65 so buy what will make you happy or you will waste lots of money and time

Thanks for the advice. Can I still get a high quality render with my current rig? Because I am practicing myself only using blender renderer because that is still what I can get for now.

Sure, you can get a high quality render out of a lot of rigs, even older ones…its a matter of processing time though. Im sure you dont want to be waiting a day or two just to get a half decent render.

Most 3d applications are cpu dependent, so the more cpu power you have the more you can do and or quicker you can render. For example, in zbrush a cpu can limit your poly count. I had an intel core 2 duo in one computer, which limited my zbrush sculpts to say 8 million polygons. I built a new computer with an AMD 6 core cpu and my poly count hits over 20 million.

If you are going the render in cycles rout, the gpu is the best way to render. In a few minutes I can pump out a high sample count. The CPU, even the 6 core takes longer. I didnt notice much of a difference on another machine I have running an i7, oddly enough since the i7 is supposed to process much more than the amd.

Dont be afraid to try out something like maya or 3ds max for rendering as well, autodesk does offer them for free for non commercial usage. My opinion is that if you can learn to use them and get good renders, you will know what to look for in Blender to get good renders, and vice versa.

If you are serious about your art and goal, save up and do it right hardware wise. It will save you lots of time and effort.

yeah, I think of that too. I bought this PC before I was into rendering. But as soon as I start earning money. I will buy the best I can. But for now, as you guys advice. I would not buy a small step upgrade. thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I will try to keep things optimized but with quality. and not do any small step upgrades. I’ll try to earn money with the current rig I have.

And also, I forgot to say that I want to render an animations. Render it PNG by PNG. And I am thinking rendering an ANIME. so it will be a toon shader material. I am trying to render a single image with just the internal engine itself. and it doesn’t take a minute to render a single PNG file. I’m not into the photo realistic thing. That’s the idea I have right now to do a quality product with my current resources.

I hate to sound like the voice of negativity in this conversation but I get a strong sense that you are really new to this. My advice… if you don’t have steady income… save your money… try to learn Blender with what you have and make sure that it’s something you do want to invest money in. Upgrading PCs should, in my opinion, be for people who know they are in it for the long haul. Chances are, you will spend a few hundred bucks and then realize it’s way more work than you initially thought and stop messing with it.
I’m not saying that to be mean or to try to discourage you… but because I’ve seen it waaaaay too many times.
Once you start, it’s really difficult to feel like you’ve reached a level with your hardware that’s adequate… and a perpetual cycle starts that devours money at a rate on par with a crack addiction.
I hope you do like Blender, learn to make awesome animations, and even find a career with it, just make sure that you do before you start sinking money into it.


Like 4tonmantis said… Save your money! use what you have now to see if you actually like using Blender. In addition; you already have a thread with the same discussion. Starting another new thread with the same topic just dilutes the conversation. Keep it in one thread :). BTW the example build I gave you in your first thread is a good one to strive for.

Thanks. And yes, I am new to this. :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice. I’ll ponder it. I do like blender. Because it’s free and easy to use. I hope to land a job one day because this is what I like. I’m really into game designs and such. I’m able to model simple things but I still need to learn the software more. I would really like to dive into the more complex aspect of blender but unfortunately my system limits me. The reason why I’m getting into this is to create a game. I would not use the game engine of blender because I quite know how to manipulate the UDK game engine. (I’m not advertising). Since I don’t have a team. I’m putting a little money and considering it as an investment. But I still understand your advice and thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I’m just quite confused on where to put the topic. because I might make the topic be more confusing if I entered another topic that is quite unrelated. But thank again. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :). The topic is not confusing, and what you have disscussed in your original thread is basically the same thing as what you are talking about in this thread. Both threads are basically the same. Save you money and get a decent PC to use. You’ll be much happier in the long run, but you can start learning blender with what you have now.

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