Upgrading my Q6600 Computer

Upgrading my system is overdue. As you can see in my signature I’m running an EVGA Nvidia 9800 GT that’s been serving me well since 2008. I’m looking for a card that is more powerful and compatible with my system with no bottleneck. I’m thinking of getting the 2 gig GTX 650 TI Boost but may be a little over my current budget atm (want to stay with EVGA Nvidia cards). If I can do better I’m all ears. The mother board is an ASUS P5QL Pro.

I do plan on trying a dual boot system with 1 hard drive running XP and another running Windows 7. I want to put a 64 bit OS so I can take advantage of my RAM capacity. I never tried it before and can use some advice. I got a 300 gig hard drive sitting empty so might as well. I want to keep using XP because I have software that goes way back and don’t want to let go.
I can get up to 16 gigs of RAM on my current motherboard. I only have 2 sticks that equal 4 gigs right now with 2 empty slots where I want to put 2 more sticks. Currently because of the 32 bit I can only get 3.25gigs of RAM. I want to max out and get four 4 gig sticks.

The main things that I do are 3D modeling and rendering and gaming. The biggest resource hog of a game I have is Flight Simulator X. I also play a lot of SimCity 4 and Call of Duty. The games I have run good on my system but I notice that I can use a serious boost when it comes to 3D rendering. I would like some advice on what parts I can get to max out what I have. I do not plan on changing the motherboard or the CPU. I will be building another system in a few months when I can afford what I really want (like that machine that’s about to spoil me at my job with 8 cores and 32 gigs of RAM).

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I work with a Q6600 for a long time, was very pleased with it.
You cant use parts of this old system in a new one, especially the DDR2 Ram.
2x 2GB cost 70€, one 4GB cost more than 100€!
I would put all my money in the video card, at least a 4GB card, this part you can use in a new system.
XP use only 1.5GB per application so your profit much from a Win 7/64 system.
You need a separate bootloader to boot XP/7 from two disks, Acronis has something called Acronis OS Selector.
You could put one disc in a USB case and use the BIOS boot menu, may this work also with internal discs, never tried.

Cheers, mib.