Upgrading PC

I have a slow PC want to upgrade it somehow weather with rams or video card to work better on Blender
I have problems with ocean simulation when i set resolution to 50 - 60 sometimes it doesn’t even render the scene and crashes, i wonder what kind of part of my PC i have to upgrade, i’m pretty sure it’s not the CPU , but weather the rams or video card rams and gpu clock, but my friend said that my gpu is not that pathetic as i thought.I don’t want to invest a lot of money in this maybe buy a cheap gt 640 with 4gb rams, or buy gt 640 with 1gb gddr5 which supports cuda 3.0.

What do you think?

my specs:
amd x4 641 (quad core) 2.8ghz - overclocked to 3.6ghz
8gb ddr3(1600mhz)
Radeon hd7750 GDDR5 1GB

My guess is your crashing is related to your overclocking. You may be pushing the AMD X4 too far. I had an AMD X4 and I was able to overclock to 3.6 as well but there were stability issues. What I did was purchase an AMD X6 (which fits in the same slot). This gave me 2 more CPUs for about $150.00. However, I could not overclock it any more. So now I have an AMD X6 @2.7 instead of a AMD X4 at 3.6. Even though I am running slower, my system runs way smoother and I rarely get crashes.

If you do upgrade your video card choose nVidia instead of AMD.

Hi, water resolution 50 - 60 is nothing.
Do you use a 32 Bit OS?
On Windows you can only use 2 GB with 32 Bit even you have 8 GB.

Cheers, mib.