Upheaval: Winds of Fury

We now have 15 members helping to build our game!

I am starting a new thread to clarify a few misconceptions. Hope I don’t bore you too much.

First off, this is not my project. This project belongs to its voting members.
We discuss almost every aspect of the game and then if we cannot decide we vote! And so far, it works very well.

We do not have a Director or Manager. We do have a Honey bee worker (me) and Global mods (2) to take care of our forum and help keep everything organized and easy to get to and read/post and back out again.

All members have access to the forum and the wiki, where the main story, details, model lists etc exist. It is not open to the public. We want the game to be a surprise.

We use ICQ, the forum chat and calender facilities, and personal boards on the forum to keep in touch and be friends.

We now require every member to sign an agreement stating their models/textures/music whatever are their own or free to use, such as textures.

I think we have a very talented team! They are all brilliant and hard to keep up with.:slight_smile: We have a lot of fun and it seems to run smoothly, most of the time.

Everyone is learning so much, its wonderful.

Ok enough said and bragging on my team mates, on with the GAME!!!

Please join us here: 

We have made many changes:
Year: 2043
New Rayna model spy
New Diver model spy technician
New Mack model spy director

We only have 4 main characters:

Rayna and Diver work for Mack and are “saving the world” from Slaine’s actions.

When the game starts you may choose to be either Rayna or Diver. Which ever is not chosen becomes the players associate in the game.

Mack is a world leader working for the DODOIN, department of defense of Independent Nations. Mack has a secret that we will not tell here. It would spoil the game for others.

Slaine’s headquarters are in old NYC. He has a few manufacturing plants elsewhere in the world.

Slain is building a Micro-burst machine to control the world via its power. His project is called Project Veata . The good guys must find it and destroy it, somehow.

Now we can finish our game. Lots a big smiles.


Here is a picture of one of our swat characters. Modeled and textured by gfxman, vertex painted by me and rigged by Mack! :


looking nice :slight_smile: I like her face.

A neat trick for hair texture is to just render a few strands in blender using the static particles. Have RGBA button in the render panel pushed, and save it as PNG or TGA so you get the alpha masking.
Saves lots of time, and can look very nice too. The particles are a bit tricky to get used to, but it sure is worth it.

swat guy looks pretty cool too :smiley:

Thank you very much! Painting hair and eyelashes one at a time, is fun for about 30 seconds.

I have only used particles once to make a really cool carpet, but when I couldnt see it in the game engine, I never went back…

Guess I will now…


Here it is all set up, but this was for a redhead (strawberry blond actualy)

with a little tweaking you could probably make it nice and blond :smiley: (or make her into a redhead :stuck_out_tongue: )

Have fun :smiley:

Ohh, thank you. Thank you very much… Thats so funny…I told everyone today I was tired of being a muscle man, and a redhead and a brunette, and warrior robot. I just wanted to be a pretty blond…

This looks like it will be a fun game. I wish I could join the team but I am too busy with school and learning blender.


i’m really glad you guys are doing well!

Keep it up, I will DEFINITELY play the game when you finish. btw, did 3d leave?

Yeah, 3D left. People really need to stop doing that!!!

Thanks for the support, it is appreciated.

hmmmmm, I do want to join, but I need some pics for this progress.

Too sexy?

Updated: Yep they say she is too sexy for the game… so she will receive a wardrobe change…

jeans, shorter jacket, eyeballs!

She has eyebrows, nose holes, eyeshadow, etc, but I didnt have the pic.

Info: The game has slowed down because most members are busy with school. But we are ploding along…