Upload model to 3DWarehouse


I want to upload a 3d model I made in Blender, to 3dWarehouse.
But, when on the 3dWarehouse website, I can only upload .skp files, wich Blender doesn’t export.
I’ve tried to import .dae in Sketchup, but that’s only possible with a paid license…

Does Anybody know a good way for this?
Thanks in advance.

DAE is the best way to go when importing to SketchUp. Do you have any other options for import?
If it’s a one-off model, I’m happy to convert it for you and send you the .skp.

Thank you for your reply.
That’s very kind of you, but it will be a returning issue. I want to convert a few models to skp for a client.
I’ll stick to dae unless there’s a decent workaround for me.
Maybe I’ll come back at your offer to convert (one model) later.
Thanks again :pray:

No problem. I’m happy to convert a model for you.
As a possibility, you might be able to get hold of an older version of SketchUp Free standalone still (2017, 2018), which may allow you to import dae files.

That’s a good one.
That worked, great thinking. Thanks a lot!!!

For other people who are interested, link for download:

(I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017, works perfect)
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That’s great, I’m glad that worked.